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Information that you provide to us about you when you use our website is called personal information. They can help identify you as a person.


The DKCI website uses cookies.

A cookie is a text file that is stored on your computer, tablet or mobile if you accept it. For example, a cookie may record your IP address and your geographical location.

If you have said yes to cookies, and later regret them, they can be deleted again in your browser if you wish, and you also have the option to block cookies.

Malicious programs cannot be installed on your PC via a cookie.

If you say no thanks to cookies, however, you may find that the website does not work optimally and that some of the content will not be available.

The purpose of using cookies is to give you a better experience and a better service on our website, as a cookie registers your movements on our website. Thus, we have the opportunity to improve, adapt and target our service to you as a user, and via statistics on all users, to optimize our website and information in general.


Privacy policy

The information you provide about us when you use our website is called personal information. They can help identify you as a person. For example, you provide your personal information in the form of name and e-mail address when you sign up for a newsletter, or your postal address when you make purchases via the website.

When you say yes to cookies, we also collect information about you that way. This can be, for example, your IP address, your geographical location, or information about what you are interested in. We do not register information for which you have not given consent, either via acceptance of cookies, or via the information that you yourself have given us in connection with a purchase.

We comply with the EU Personal Data Regulation and the associated Danish legislation in this area, and we have secured your information in a responsible manner against disclosure and misuse. We only store your information as long as we have a legal purpose for it.

You can unsubscribe from our newsletter at any time, after which we will immediately delete your personal information.

When you make a purchase, we store the information required and disclosed in our e-commerce terms, for the purpose of invoicing and delivery of the purchase.

In accordance with applicable law, we are required to store this information until 5 years after the invoice date.

Thereafter, the information will be deleted, unless you are still a customer with us and regularly make purchases via the website.

In some cases, we use data processors to whom we pass on your personal information. This may be, for example, for sending out newsletters or for dispatching and / or sending