Demand for CO2-friendly energy production is growing rapidly
DKCI are specialists in offshore and special marine structures, as foundations for the energy and infrastructure of the future.

More than 30 years have passed since the first wind turbines began to supply electricity to Danish consumers. Since then, both the industry and the turbines have grown, and Denmark can still boast of being the country that is at the forefront of wind energy.


Green energy is a form of renewable energy that emits minimal amounts of CO2. It is therefore the most environmentally friendly way to create energy. The green energy types are, for example, solar energy and wind energy, which can be installed in the form of wind turbines and solar cells.


Green energy replaces the use of fossil fuels, such as coal and oil, both of which are forms of energy that do great damage to the environment.


Today, green energy is as efficient as traditional electricity production, which also makes it economically attractive. It is therefore an optimal solution for you who want to take care of the environment.

A green and safe investmentĀ 


DKCI has great expertise in green energy, and we recommend establishing your own solarcell system at or near your company – it provides a very visible green profile. It shows the outside world that you think about the environment and work to minimize CO2 emissions. Solar cell systems are one of the best energy investments you can make today.


Most companies that can utilize part of the electricity production themselves can get a fantastic business out of investing in a photovoltaic system