DKCI's values, mission and vision
DKCI integrated value chain seamlessly mixes every phase of development and construction, including choice of land, network, social integration and electricity.

This approach is designed to be effective in the northern European markets and the wider European region, where value can be created. Our business model is highly scalable and allows us to deliver a continuous stream of large projects across multiple countries in one, hassle-free, end-to-end process. Vertical integration allows better energy to optimize work processes, reduce costs and create more value for stakeholders in all aspects of the value chain. We have the freedom and flexibility to immediately innovate and apply new technology and efficiency in our systems.

DKCI will be a preferred and significant contractor with international reach and starting point in Denmark. CEO DKCI

Our vision

DKCI will be a preferred and significant contractor with international reach and starting point in Denmark.We are an integrated group that has a common approach to business, management and projects. We realize synergies because all our business units contribute independently. We strive to have a significant position in Denmark. We have competencies within project activities at a level that makes it possible to operate competitively internationally. We are a dominant player in the markets where we choose to position our activities. We have leaders who take the lead and intervene in time. We achieve economies of scale and profitable growth by continuing to develop solutions and standards and improve productivity and efficiency. We think long term.

Our mission

DKCI plans and implements large complex projects within infrastructure, climate adaptation, environment, energy and construction. We establish the foundation for healthy economic and societal development.

We achieve flexibility through joint management and prioritization, so we take advantage of market opportunities and achieve savings. When we deliver our services, we focus on building long-term partnerships so that together we can be competitive and deliver high quality to the customer and thus create value for the customer. We select, calculate, plan and carry out our work with great confidence in the project management. We integrate our specialist contractor competencies into total services according to the customer’s needs. We are constantly evolving, either when we improve what we are already doing or when we use our good ideas.